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    Perten Instruments IM 9500 NIR grain analyzer

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    Perten Instruments' IM 9500 NIR grain analyzer uses scanning grating transmittance technology for analyzing whole grains. The analyzer features a color touchscreen and comes pre-calibrated for moisture, protein, fat and more in a range of grains and oilseeds. Using the optional Flour Module it can also determine moisture, protein, ash and more in wheat flour. According to the company, the analyzer has an analysis time of less than one minute.

    The IM 9500 NIR grain analyzer is approved for use in Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Serbia and the US.

    • Perten Instruments
    • P.O. Box 5101
    • SE-141 05 Kungens Kurva
    • United States
    • Phone : +46.8.880.990
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