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    Mars Petcare Inc. Cesar Canine Cuisine dog entrees

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    Mars Petcare Inc.'s Cesar Canine Cuisine offers dog entrees, including the Original Pate Smoked BBQ Chicken Flavor meal and the Sunrise Scrambled Egg and Sausage Flavor meal. The food is served in a container in meaty juices, the company says. 

    • Mars Petcare Inc.
    • 210 Westwood Place S.
    • Suite 300
    • Brentwood ,  Tennessee   37027
    • United States
    • Phone : +1.615.309.1044
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      4 of the 6 first ingredients are By-Products. Not By-product MEAL which is cooked dried and shredded into a fine protein rich powder if specifically named. While specifically named By-Products such as "Beef By-products" (or Beef By-product meal *better) are fine, generic ones such as "poultry or meat byproduct" indicate various animal sources, possible "D.D.D." animals: hoofs, sinew, and hair. Of the 4 byproducts 3 are generic "meat,animal liver, poultry." If beef, chicken, turkey or duck by-product MEAL were the only one I would have no problem. Multiple generic byproducts indicate cheap protein sources with little nutritional value.
      Non natural sources of food dyes, colors and flavorings are known carcinogens and can lead to allergies and cancer. The use of "Added color" along with "scrambled egg and sausage flavor" should raise red flags if the generic meat sources hadn't already. While salt is a natural and beneficial mineral, many petfood companies use it to further flavor their food. Salt combined with a serious lack of disclosure about specific protein sources would indicate Mars is using it as a added flavoring and as an essential mineral source.
      Feeding this food would be fine for a short time or in a pinch but over a long period of time this food will lead to poor nutrition, poor health, allergies and inevitably cancer. Many of the common end of life problems experienced by a majority of pets are directly related to a lifelong stagnant diet that while meeting AAFCO minimum standards is seriously lacking nutritional value.
      For ingredient list see:

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