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    WeighPack Systems Inc. Bingo Bagger XL

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    WeighPack Systems Inc. Bingo Bagger XL handles bags with widths of 16-to-20 inches and bag lengths of 14-to-24 inches. The bagger operates at speeds up to 25 cpm and uses 304 S/S standard food grade for all contact parts, along with pre-made wicketed bags in laminated or polyethylene materials, according to the company. Features include: vacuum and gas flush options at the sealing station, a top-loading design, vertical seal jaws, digital temperature control and an independent pneumatic cylinder.

    • WeighPack Systems Inc.
    • 2525 Louis Amos
    • Montreal,  H8T 1C3
    • Canada
    • Phone : +1.514.422.0808
    • Url :

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