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    Charles Ross & Son Co. PreMax mixer

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    The PreMax mixer from Charles Ross & Son Co. is an ultra-high shear mixer featuring the "Delta" rotor/stator assembly. The Delta rotor/stator generator produces a double vortex that draws batch material from both the top and bottom chambers of the mixer, accelerating dispersion and producing rapid turnover rates, the company says. The mixer runs at a maximum tip speed of 5,000 fpm, handling viscosities up to 50.000 cP, according to Ross. Standard models are available for batches as small as 1-2 gallons and production vessels up to 1,000 gallons or larger.

    • Charles Ross & Son Co.
    • 710 Old Willets Path
    • Hauppauge,  New York   11788
    • United States
    • Phone : +1.800.243.7677
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