• Event Details
    AFIA FAMI-QS Awareness in Feed Safety Program
    Start: 12 00 AM

    End: 12 00 AM
    Address: 6800 Fleur Drive
    City: Des Moines
    State: IA
    Postal Code: 50321
    Country: United States
    The course is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association, Eurofins and FAMI-QS, the European feed additives and premixtures quality system, and is ideal for companies exporting feed additives to the European Union. It is an interactive, comprehensive training that will cover the regulations of the FAMI-QS program in an easy-to-understand format, helping companies to achieve certification. Topics such as FAMI-QS' background, the global importance of FAMI-QS, overview of scope, the EU regulations and compliance, feed safety management, implementation of the FAMI-QS code, FAMI-QS awareness resources, and crisis management and audit planning will be covered. 
    Updated: Dec 31, 2014