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    Presto Lifts Inc. P3 all-around level loader

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    Presto Lifts Inc. offers the P3 all-around level loader, which requires no electrical power and is low-maintenance, according to the company. The loader has a pneumatic airbag which automatically raises or lowers a pallet as boxes are added or removed, and a turntable ring or optional solid turntable platform. The P3 all-around can accommodate loads from 400 to 4,500 pounds, depending on which of five spring packages is chosen by the customer (based on the anticipated weight and height of a fully loaded pallet). If needs change, the unit can be adapted easily in the field by changing its spring combination.

    • Presto Lifts Inc.
    • 21 Park Street
    • Attleboro,  Massachusetts   02703
    • United States
    • Phone : +1.508.222.0177
    • Url :

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