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    Are bio-appropriate petfoods really better for your pet?

    Steve Dale, pet journalist and keynote speaker for Petfood Forum 2014, discusses bio-appropriate and grain-free petfoods and whether or not they are truly better for pets or just a clever marketing term.


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    • This guy says we really don't know but we do. He says he is a science guy and I happen to love science as well. Fact: Genetically speaking, domesticated dogs have only only a 3% difference genetically from Wolves; a far cry from the genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees, the comparison between humans and chimpanzees.
      Nothing is more important to a dogs well being than proper nutrition; although a dog needs three things to thrive (a meat based diet; not plant based, exercise everyday, and plenty of love). As a science guy, I would think this guy would know this.

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