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    Petfood top 10: Riding out the storm

    The top 10 petfood manufacturers continue to feel the effects of the global economic meltdown

    Nature’s Variety makes petfood with a purpose

    The maker of raw and holistic diets seeks to help transform pets through its products, philosophy, education and research

    Cat food’s role in urinary tract health now unclear

    The most recent theory is that feline idiopathic cystitis is caused by stress

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    Satiety in dogs and cats

    What does the recent evaluation of different nutrients for satiety reveal about dogs' and cats' diets?

    Cesar Canine Cuisine hosts contest to create new dog food flavors

    Consumers can go online to create two new recipes for store shelves

    Kemin to purchase ADF's petfood technology, equipment

    Deal to close June 30 includes ADF's Missouri, USA, facilities, spray dry technology

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    How to start a dog treat business as a 10-year-old

    Don Bamber, owner of Super Dog Treats, explains how his daughter, Shirley, started the company as part of a program of the Alberta, Canada, government. The leading ingredient in the treats is elk antler, intended to alleviate osteoarthritis in dogs.

    How manufacturers can help feed shelter pets

    Betsy Banks Saul, founder of www.petfinder.com, discusses the importance of helping animal shelters and rescue organizations and how petfood manufacturers can assist by donating food that may be close to expiration or with minor packaging defects.

    The forces driving petfood ingredient prices

    Bob Bresnahan, CEO Trilateral, discusses four dominant forces that drive price at Petfood Forum 2012. Understanding these forces is particularly important in times of market volatility.

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