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    Maintain healthy weight for pets by managing feeding schedules and amounts

    Cornelia Ewering, veterinarian and pet nutrition expert for Mars Petcare Germany, said pet owners should keep feeding diaries to properly manage pets' weight. She participated in a full program of talks at the Mars stand during Interzoo 2012.


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    How to start a dog treat business as a 10-year-old

    Don Bamber, owner of Super Dog Treats, explains how his daughter, Shirley, started the company as part of a program of the Alberta, Canada, government. The leading ingredient in the treats is elk antler, intended to alleviate osteoarthritis in dogs.

    How manufacturers can help feed shelter pets

    Betsy Banks Saul, founder of www.petfinder.com, discusses the importance of helping animal shelters and rescue organizations and how petfood manufacturers can assist by donating food that may be close to expiration or with minor packaging defects.

    The forces driving petfood ingredient prices

    Bob Bresnahan, CEO Trilateral, discusses four dominant forces that drive price at Petfood Forum 2012. Understanding these forces is particularly important in times of market volatility.

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    Making petfood from local ingredients the Denmark way

    During Interzoo 2012, Poul Valdemar Nielsen, founder of Uniq Nordic Gold dog food in Denmark, explains how his products contain only local, natural ingredients, much like the food made by famous Danish chef René Redzepi.

    How often should pets be fed to maintain a healthy weight?

    Responding to a question during Interzoo 2012, Dr. Cornelia Ewering of Mars Petcare Germany explains that in the wild, dogs and cats eat smaller, more frequent meals. So pet dogs' daily food should be divided into at least two meals, more for cats.

    Raw petfood pioneer still innovating with new products

    Craig Taylor, managing director of Natures Menu Petfood in the UK, says his company was one of the first offering raw petfood, starting 30 years ago. He highlights some of the company's innovations presented at Interzoo 2012.

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