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    The Honest Kitchen halcyon dog food

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    The Honest Kitchen offers halcyon dog food, a complete, whole grain diet including cage-free duck. It is AAFCO complete and balanced for adult maintenance, made with dehydrated cage-free duck, rolled oats, vegetables and fruits. Because duck is a novel protein, it's great for dogs who have problems digesting to common proteins like chicken or beef, according to the company. Halcyon also features ancient grains, like buckwheat and chia, that provide a clean source of nutrition including protein and essential fatty acids.

    Halcyon will retail for US$119.00 for a 10-lb. box, which yields 40 lbs. of real food, and US$59.99 for a 4-lb. box, which yields 16 lbs. of real food. Customers just add water to The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated diets and wait three minutes before serving. Halcyon is available at independent pet specialty retailers and via the company’s website.

    “As the incidence of pet food allergies has increased, our customers have been requesting more recipes with novel proteins like duck, and we’re so thrilled to be able to offer Halcyon as our newest product to help meet their needs," said the company. "We’ve chosen some unique and beautiful ancient grains like buckwheat and chia to accompany the duck, taking inspiration from the human food industry.”



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