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    Charles Ross & Son Co. Laboratory High Viscosity Disperser

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    The Charles Ross & Son Co. Laboratory High Viscosity Disperser is designed for blending fluids with very different viscosities, quickly re-suspending dense solids that have settled during transport, preparing thick paste-like formulations and other similar applications. The dispenser features interchangeable bow-tie and paddle blades driven by a two horsepower, explosion proof, VFD-capable motor. Sight and charge ports on the vessel cover, heating and cooling jacket, discharge valve, mixer bench and other features are available on the Laboratory High Viscosity Disperser as options. Suitable for use with standard five-gallon pails, the dispenser is offered in larger capacity models for the standard 55-gallon drums and other vessel sizes up to 500 gallon.   

    • Charles Ross & Son Company
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    • United States
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