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    Fischbein LLC 400 NS2 system with Empress 100-2 head

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    Fischbein LLC offers the model 400 NS2 Bag Sewing System with the Empress series model 100-2 two-needle plain sewing head. The model 400 NS2 is designed for medium- to high-volume bagging operations. The 100-2 sewing head allows for adjustable operating speeds from 35 to 55 linear feet per minute, according to the company. The head's two parallel stitch lines have two-thread double lock stitches factory-set at 2.25 stitches and adjustable from 2.25 to 3.25 stitches per inch. The sewing system is mounted on a portable, height-adjustable pedestal with casters and leveling jackscrews for sewing height adjustments and bag-size changeovers.


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