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    Sergeant’s Pet Care Products Inc. Barkery Americana

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    Inspired by flavors from regions throughout the U.S., Sergeant's Pet Care Products Inc. Barkery Americana treats was developed to offer dogs a "hometown feel" to treating. Designed with healthful benefits including omega fatty acids, Barkery Americana's long-lasting chews, sizzling strips and sandwich-style treats follow trends in human food and pays homage to the following regions:

    • Florida: Cheeseburger sandwich-style soft and chewy treats
    • Georgia: Peanut butter long-lasting chews
    • North Carolina: Chicken and sweet potato sizzling strips
    • Ozarks: Turkey and bacon sizzling strips
    • Philadelphia: Bacon long-lasting chews
    • Wisconsin: Grilled cheese and bacon sandwich-style soft and chewy treats

    • Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc.
    • P.O. Box 540399
    • Omaha,  Nebraska   68154-0399
    • United States
    • Phone : +1.800.224.7387
    • Url :

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