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  • Petfood Forum Presentations

    Food safety and quality
    •   Emerging food safety technologies

      Dr. James Marsden of Kansas State University discusses an upcoming technology, high hydrostatic pressure.
    •   Controlling Salmonella in low-moisture foods

      Dr. Phil Elliott of the Grocery Manufacturers Association describes current practices to control Salmonella in dry production environments and low-moisture finished products.
    •   Preparing for -and survive- an FDA inspection

      Robert McDonald of Food Safety Validation helps you plan for an inspection, surprise or otherwise, from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other regulatory authorities.
    •   Grain-free formulations and processing with dehydrated potatoes

      Tony Bello, PhD, CEO of Heritage Agro-Allied Foods, explains the role of starch functionality of dehydrated potato ingredients in the design and processing of grain-free petfood products, one of the industry’s fastest-growing categories.
    •   Scientific validation of extrusion study for petfood safety

      Will Henry, director of technology R&D for Extru-Tech Inc., introduces and discusses the core principles of petfood extrusion validation, complete with a step-by-step analysis of protocol variability and a review of the industry’s first applicable scientific study.
    •   Mycotoxin control of grains

      Drs. Gene Peters and Don Shandera of Cargill discuss key challenges and opportunities in controlling mycotoxins, a common petfood contaminant.
    •   Reducing microbial risks in petfood processing

      Kristen Dixon, general manager and VP of Chestnut Labs, offers strategies for reducing microbial risks in petfood processing, such as determining sampling sites, frequencies, types and zoning; evaluating testing technologies, interferences and application; and corrective action planning.