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    • Market Data

      The Petfood Industry Market Data charts on this page have been created to help you monitor the ever-changing industry by providing a view of the latest statistics on the global pet care market. Charts in this section illustrate trends and forecasts on petfood and treats, leading industry companies, current and historical retail data, and more.


      The data has been collected from various industry reports, expert industry analysis, presentations from the annual Petfood Forum conference and tradeshow, WATT Global Media’s exclusive Top Petfood Companies database and Petfood Industry magazine’s annual August Top Companies issue.


      You will find data broken out by “North America” and “Global” sections containing charts with data categorized by region and country, pet species, retail channel, pet care category and more. Click on the links below for access to a full compilation of the most relevant petfood industry data gathered. You can click on the accompanying magazine image to access the latest issue of Petfood Industry containing this pet market data and gain further industry insight.


      You must be registered and logged in to access the charts. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.


      The data is updated as soon as possible after being published.