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    The Petfood Industry Knowledge Center contains a selection of courses and conference sessions for petfood industry professionals. All that is required to view these sessions is registration with Sessions are organized into general categories based on the topic presented.


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  • Petfood Forum Presentations

    New and functional healthy ingredients
    •   Probiotics / Prebiotics

        Sara Cutler of Kemin Nutrisurance addresses the expanding world of pre- and probiotic supplementation and shares the latest research.

      •   Innovative ingredients for pet health

          Jennifer Adolphe, RD, MSc, nutritionist and formulation manager at OmniPet Nutrition, provides research-based evidence on petfood ingredients that can help promote health or treat disease.

        •   Nanotechnology and petfood

          George A. Burdock, PhD, president of the Burdock Group, describes the basic principles of nanotechnology, what makes nanotechnology particles so different in their applications and why regulatory agencies are interested in being apprised of intended uses.
        •   Active, antimicrobial packaging

          Kay Cooksey, PhD, professor and Cryovac chair in the Department of Packaging Science at Clemson University, describes the latest research on petfood and packaging interactions as well as technology, including biopolymer packaging, that helps keep petfood safe.