• Nutrition Courses

    Petfood Industry eLearning

      Petfood Industry eLearning

    Petfood Industry eLearning offers interactive companion animal nutrition courses and on-demand conference sessions for the petfood industry.

    This online training and continuing education resource, developed by Petfood Industry magazine and Petfood Forum, is ideal for:

    • Petfood professionals involved with product formulation, development, marketing, distribution and retail
    • Companion animal veterinarians and veterinary technicians
    • Dog trainers, behavior consultants and companion animal behaviorists

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  • Customized training

    Customized training

    For group training and professional development needs, learn more about opportunities for custom-designed courses and seminars at your business.

    Help your team learn the scientific fundamentals of companion animal nutrition with personalized on-site or online training created specifically to meet your company’s needs.

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