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    Nutrition and petfood
    •   L-Carnitine: the science behind an important functional nutrient for people and pets

      Dr. Johnny Lopez of Lonza’s companion animal division explains that today’s continual interest in the growing human market has helped reveal other metabolic functions for L-carnitine besides its support of pet weight management programs.
    •   The latest research on senior pet nutrition

      Dr. Sally Perea of Natura Pet Products reviews the latest research in senior pet nutrition.
    •   Nutritional management of osteoarthritis and the use of osteoarthritis models

      Dr. Karen Wedekind of Novus International discusses the different osteoarthritis models used to evaluate efficacy of therapeutic foods and nutritional supplements.
    •   Nutritional management of cognitive dysfunction in senior dogs

      Maria R. Cattai de Godoy, PhD, postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, summarizes the relevance of cognitive dysfunction in the canine population and significant findings on effectively managing this condition through dietary intervention and developing petfoods that target specific physiological states or therapeutic purposes.
    •   Applying nutrigenomics to pet obesity

      Katherine Kerr, PhD, post-doctoral research associate at the University of Illinois, explains how to understand the cross talk between nutrients and genes to better manage companion animal obesity and the conditions associated with it. The presentation will provide an overview of the etiology of the disease and much more. 
    •   New findings: novel petfood ingredients for kidney and urinary tract health

      Karen Wedekind, PhD, manager/researcher for the comparative animal nutrition group at Novus Nutrition Brands, discusses the role of nutrition in the management of kidney disease and feline lower urinary tract disease, reviewing the efficacy of newer novel compounds for dietary management of these conditions based on scientific literature and recent animal trials.
    •   The effects of processing on petfood nutrition

      Dr. Greg Aldrich of Pet Food & Ingredient Technology reviews how processing petfoods has nutritional benefit for such things as reducing pathogenic bacteria, reducing trypsin inhibitors, improving starch digestibility, and enhancing texture and acceptability.
    •   Probiotics in veterinary nutrition

      Dr. Anton Beynen discusses the effects of probiotics in dogs and cats, with special reference to Enterococcus faecium .
    •   Methods to evaluate protein quality among animal protein sources

      Trevor Faber, PhD candidate with the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, discusses methods to determine protein quality differences among sources.