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      Petfood Forum China 2014

      August 22, 2014

      Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
      1099 Guozhan Road

  • Nutrition, Ingredients and Formulation Workshop

    Petfood Forum China 2014 focuses on nutrition, ingredients and formulation—the foundation for all petfood products and for new product development. In this conference, leading industry experts will provide in-depth information on the petfood product and ingredients market and the key ingredient categories for meeting companion animals’ nutritional needs—plus, how to formulate products to satisfy varied and sometimes conflicting requirements (marketing, nutritional and regulatory) as well as how to process your petfoods to best deliver nutrient and product benefits.


    Opening session: Global petfood market overview and update on new products—Paula Flores, Euromonitor International

    Paula Flores, head of pet care research for Euromonitor International, will provide an update on the petfood market worldwide, with a China focus, plus ingredient trends, usage and projections. The presentation will include:

    • An overview of the global pet care market with a focus on petfood
    • Information and data on the China pet care and petfood market
    • Information on and examples of product trends
    • High level data overview of types of ingredients used by product category
    • Market, product and ingredient projections

    Flores joined Euromonitor in June 2008 as a research analyst. In her current post, she has direct responsibility over the content and quality of Euromonitor’s pet care research, which provides strategic analysis and industry insights for 54 countries around the world. Flores has a degree in law from the University of Lisbon and a master degree in market research from Westminster University. She has published articles in magazines such as Petfood Industry, Pets International and Campaign Asia, and participated in the BBC Fast Track program.


    Workshop session 1: Macronutrient- and micronutrient-driven petfood formulation—Sean J. Delaney, DVM, MS, DACVN, DVM Consulting Inc.

    Sean J. Delaney, DVM, MS, DACVN, founder of DVM Consulting Inc., will explain unique benefits of the major categories of petfood macronutrients and micronutrients and key points to consider—including challenges—when formulating with these ingredients. He will cover lifestage nutrition (protein and fat for growth, reproduction and senior petfoods), condition-specific nutrition (protein in urinary tract health and fat in weight management) and categories (protein, fat and carbohydrate in premium and natural petfoods), as well as essential micronutrients for lifestages, conditions and specific petfood categories.

    Delaney received a bachelor of science in zoology from University of California-Santa Barbara, a master of science in nutrition from University of California-Davis (UCD), a doctor of veterinary medicine degree from UCD and completed the first full-time clinical nutrition residency at UCD. He is also a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (DACVN). Delaney was a clinical faculty member at UCD between 2003-2013, training numerous DACVNs now in industry and academia.  He also ran R&D and was the senior executive VP of Natura Pet Products through its acquisition by Procter & Gamble. He founded DVM Consulting Inc. in 2003, which has consulted with numerous global petfood brands, and is the co-inventor of Balance IT online formulation software and nutritional products. Delaney co-edited a textbook, Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition (Wiley Blackwell, 2012), is the former chair of the ACVN executive board, has hosted his own radio show on petfood and speaks nationally and internationally on veterinary nutrition both at the academic and industry level.


    Workshop session 2: Functional ingredients and health claims—Anton Beynen, PhD, Vobra Special Petfoods

    Anton Beynen, PhD, head of research and development for Vobra Special Petfoods, will present the latest research on formulation and use of functional ingredients in economic, premium and veterinary petfood diets. Ingredient mixtures should not only meet the nutrients requirements of dogs and cats, but also meet the preferences and aversions of different owner categories. To make health claims for functional ingredients, you must also meet regulatory requirements; Beynen will explain the degree of substantiation necessary to make such claims.

    Beynen is also a part-time professor of animal nutrition at Rajamangala University of Technology-Isan, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, and at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. An award-winning professor, he previously served on the faculties of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, and Utrecht University in the Netherlands, teaching basic and applied animal nutrition to students of veterinary and biomedical sciences. He has also developed training courses for veterinary students and veterinarians on dog and cat nutrition and dietetics. Beynen earned a master of science in human nutrition, wrote his doctoral thesis on the regulation of fat metabolism and still carries out research, mainly on the role of diet in health and disease in dogs and cats. He has served on the editorial board of 12 international journals, is supervisor of 51 completed PhD theses and is (co)author of more than 700 publications.


    Workshop session 3: Processing parameters to ensure nutrient, formulation and product viability—Will Henry, Extru-Tech

    Will Henry, director of technology and research and development for Extru-Tech Inc., will review major petfood ingredients and how they affect (and are affected by) the extrusion process, focusing on processing parameters and their impact on ingredient properties and nutritional contributions to the final product. In addition to raw materials, he will discuss the latest research on how system configurations (the equipment) and processing conditions affect how closely you are able to meet your final product specifications.

    In his role at Extru-Tech, Henry addresses petfood manufacturers and audiences around the globe about extrusion, processing and food safety systems. He joined Extru-Tech in 2006 after serving as senior project engineer with Bachelor Controls. Henry holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Kansas State University and is certified in HACCP, BSL-2 and as an SQF practitioner.