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    The Petfood Industry Knowledge Center contains a selection of courses and conference sessions for petfood industry professionals. All that is required to view these sessions is registration with Sessions are organized into general categories based on the topic presented.


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  • Petfood Forum Presentations

    Petfood marketing
    •   Marketing pet brands

      Robert Wheatley, CEO of Wheatley & Timmons, shares best practices in building brand equity, constructing a compelling value proposition and understanding the emotional triggers that drive purchase decisions.
    •   Consumer brand perception - who's in the driver's seat

      Dr. Melissa Brookshire of River North Enterprises discusses how petfood companies are often taking a back seat to a variety of Internet-based information sources.
    •   Making private label petfood

      Serge Boutet, Mondou Ltd., discusses how over the past decade, large pet retailers have developed their own petfood brands.