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    • RedMoon Pet Food

      RedMoon Pet Food previously offered customers the ability to customize food for their pets. Government labeling regulations led to discontinuation of the customized service, but those custom recipes led the company to develop the RedMoon 1337 line of products. Those customized foods that were ordered 1,337 times without complaint or return have become part of the RedMoon 1337 line. RedMoon foods are free of grains (with the exception of rice in one cat food product), gluten, wheat, corn, and soy. The company owns manufacturing facilities in Alberta and Brainerd, Minnesota.

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      • Headquarters:

      • RedMoon Pet Food

      • 179 Royal Oak Point N.W.

      • Calgary

      • Alberta T3G 5C6

      • Canada

      • 1.888.962.4763


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