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    Building Effective Food Safety Systems for Pet Foods

    Brought to you by: Trouw Nutrition USA.Sponsored by: Preserv-8
    Submitted: Sep 19, 2012

    View this informative webinar that will review current industry challenges regarding Microbial Contamination. Industry experts will review prerequisite programs and supplier COA’s, discuss the control of the post-extrusion environment, and much more.


    What You'll Learn:

    • Validation of Critical Control Points and HACCP Plans
    • The role of secondary inhibitors
    • Integration of these components into a comprehensive food safety

    Following their presentations, the speakers will answer questions posed by the moderator and the live webinar audience.

    The speakers for this webinar are Will Henry of Extrutech and Dr. James Marsden.

    This webinar is presented by Petfood and brought to you by: Trouw Nutrition USA. Sponsored by: Preserv-8


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