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    Hot topics in petfood labeling

    Trouw Nutrition
    Submitted: Dec 4, 2012

    A key to real success in the petfood industry is getting your product on the shelf and keeping it there. The best product in the world may not even make it to the marketplace if its labeling runs afoul of regulators. Thus, it is vital for today's manufacturer to remain informed as to petfood labeling requirements, as well as to know what changes in requirements to anticipate in both the short- and long-terms.

    The speakers for this webinar are Dr. David Dzanis and Dr. Angele Thompson. 

    What You'll Learn:
    1. Up-to-date information on petfood labeling requirements
    2. What changes to state and federal labeling rules may be expected in the future
    3. Resources to help you keep abreast of current petfood labeling requirements

    This educational webinar is brought to you by Trouw Nutrition and sponsored by Trouw Nutrition.


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