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    FSMA is coming tomorrow – what you need to do today

    Extru-Tech Inc.
    Submitted: Dec 11, 2012

    This webinar will focus on the importance of focusing on safety and quality within your facility as well as in your upstream supply chain. By paying attention to these important areas around preventive controls, imports and product tracking you will be in a good place to implement new regulatory requirements that will come on line as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act.


    The speakers for this webinar are Dr. David Acheson and Jim Giranda.


    What You'll Learn: 

    1. You will understand how to develop your overall Food Safety Plan, including key preventive controls you must have in place to ensure the safety of your products and compliance with likely FSMA regulations.
    2. If you rely on any type of imported ingredient or finished product you will learn about the major changes around importation of FDA regulated foods
    3. Knowing who is in your supply chain is important – learn how to manage current and likely future requirements around product tracking and how to maximize your ROI

    This educational webinar is brought to you by and sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc.

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