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    Understanding Variation – The Key to Managing Chaos in Petfood Manufacturing

    Trouw Nutrition
    Submitted: Mar 28, 2013
    This webinar will introduce a proven methodology for understanding and using operational data. For some it will be a starting point for further studies. For others it will be the catalyst that changes the way they make decisions and interpret data when manufacturing petfood and pet treats.

    What You'll Learn:
    1. How to better analyze and interpret your petfood manufacturing and business data
    2. No data have meaning apart from their context
    3. All data contain “noise” – some data contains “signals”
    4. To detect “signals” you must first filter out the “noise”

    The speaker for this webinar is Dr. Donald Wheeler.

    This educational webinar is brought to you by Trouw Nutrition and sponsored by Trouw Nutrition.
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