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    Mycotoxin Strategies for the 2013 Corn Harvest

    BIOMIN/Romer Labs
    Submitted: Nov 19, 2013

    The 2013 corn crop has been under significant stress; as a result the overall quality is a concern to livestock and poultry producers. In this free webinar, Biomin and Romer Labs will discuss quality findings and possible effects to livestock and poultry.

    Following the presentation, the speakers will answer questions posed by the moderator and the live webinar audience. 

    What you'll learn:

    1. Prevalence of mycotoxins in North American corn in 2013
    2. Effects of mycotoxicoses in animals
    3. Mycotoxin analytical service  

    The speakers for this webinar are Dr. Raj Murugesan of Biomin and Christy Swoboda of Romer Labs.

    This webinar is presented by WATT Global Media and sponsored by BIOMIN/Romer Labs.

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