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    Control Strategies for Cross-Contamination in Pet Food Plants

    ExtruTech and MAC Process
    Submitted: Dec 12, 2013

    The webinar shall cover sources, points of cross-contamination and re-contamination of Salmonella in pet food processing environments; introduce Advanced Oxidation Technology, a novel strategy; as a part of an integrated approach to control this bacterium in pet food manufacturing facilities.


    What You'll Learn:


    • Pet food manufacturing processes and the points of contamination and cross-contamination with Salmonella during the production process
    • Conditions that allow growth of microorganisms, conditions that control growth of microorganisms in pet food processing facilities and conditions that help improve stability of pet foods
    • A novel strategy to control environment sources of re-contamination and cross-contamination in pet food processing facilities, Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT)
    • Follow an integrated approach towards controlling Salmonella contamination in pet food processing environments 
    • Practical application example of using oxidation techniques to address pneumatic conveying pipe lines; features, challenges, expected results

    This webinar is sponsored by ExtruTech and MAC Process, and presented by WATT Global Media.


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