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On January 8, 2013

WATTAgNet hosts webinar for 2013 grains, wheat, oilseed commodity outlook

Webinar will analyze and present information pertinent to the US animal feed industry.

WATTAgNet will present the webinar “2013 Feed Grains, Wheatand Oilseeds Commodity Outlook,” January 22 at 10 a.m. CST.

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The webinar will cover information on the 2013 crop outlook based on the USDA’s January 11 crop reports. Speaker Tim Brusnahan, vice president of consulting, Brock & Associates, will analyze the USDA reports in light of last season’s drought, which wreaked havoc on much of the US’s crops. The information in these reports is likely of the most singular importance to the animal feed industry in recent memory. Brusnahan will use his considerable expertise to sift through the data and highlight the information that those in the feed and related industries need to know.

What you’ll learn:

  • Important information regarding the US animal feed market for 2013
  • Insight about supply and demand for US and South America oilseed in 2013
  • Information related to the outlook for US ethanol
  • Strategies for animal feed users
  • Observations about whether the US crop production will get back to a trend line yield in 2013

Ken Jennison, editor Feed Management and Feed International, will moderate the webinar.

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