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On January 21, 2013

Research and Markets adds report on China's petfood market

Report on China's Pet Food Market Competition 2013 finds market scale for Chinese petfood companies continues to increase.

Research and Markets has added a new petfood market report, Report on China's Pet Food Market Competition 2013, to its offerings, available for purchase online.

According to the report, China's local petfood companies market products including dry petfood, wet petfood, petfood snacks and pet nutrients. These companies have sales revenue of more than 1.5 billion Yuan (US$241 million), and market scale continues to increase by more than 15 percent on average annually.

In addition to these findings, the report provides a detailed analysis of petfood industry regulations and trends in China's national policies; the development history of China's petfood market and future growth opportunities; characteristics of petfood consumption and consumer purchasing in major areas; circulation channels of China's petfood; competition between foreign and domestic brands; and more.

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