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On January 24, 2013

Pet owners spoil pets with treats, accessories, survey finds

Pet360 survey finds pet owners spoil pets as human family members

Pet owners spoil their pets in a variety of ways, treating them as a human member of the family, according to a survey of pet-owning households by Pet360.

Nearly all (99.4 percent) of pet owners surveyed said they consider their pet to be a part of the family. In fact, 42.5 percent of respondents said they would not go on a vacation if they could not bring their pet with, and three in four respondents said they celebrate their pet's birth day or day of adoption.

The survey also found that owners spoil their pets with treats, as three in four surveyed said they have shared a popsicle or ice cream cone with their pet. More than 99 percent of those surveyed also said their pet shares the bed at night with a human family member.

Additional results of the survey include: 40.3 percent of respondents admitted to sneaking their pet into a store or public area; 99.4 percent of respondents said they talk or sing to their pet; more than 70 percent said their pet is or will be provided for in their last will; and 90 percent of respondents said they would spend US$100 on a cat or dog bed, while a small percentage even said they would spend US$1,000 on a diamond-studded pet collar.

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