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on February 5, 2013

New calorie regulations approved by Association of American Feed Control Officials

Group holds “mid-year” meeting, passes 95% Rule amendment and expands xanthan gum use

["Approval of the calorie content statement regulations culminates eight years of debate.", "The new uses of xanthan gum will require further AAFCO action before it becomes official."]

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) held its "mid-year" meeting January 22-24 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

By far the biggest news was the vote in the General Session to approve the proposed changes to AAFCO Model Regulation PF9 that would require calorie content statements on ALL (not just "lite" and "reduced calorie") dog and cat food labels. Other new requirements include the need to express calories in terms of both per-kilogram and per-common unit (e.g., cans, cups, pieces) and to identify the method of determination ("calculated" vs. "fed").

Gone, though, are the expressed requirements for analysis of at least four production batches from which to derive the calculated value and the need to limit values declared for those determined by the feeding trial method to within 15% of the calculation method value. Removal of these restrictions should make it easier for companies to comply and states to verify.

Approval of the amended  calorie content statement regulations culminates eight years of sometimes very lively debate. Still under discussion is the matter of an appropriate grace period for compliance. The Pet Food Committee and the board of directors both offered a recommended delay of enforcement action for 18 months for new products and three years for existing products.

The distinction is whether the clock starts when the amended rule is published…

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