on February 6, 2013

Monge expands its petfood future by honoring its past

This Italy-based, family-owned company is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new facility and plans to reach further into the international cat and dog food markets.

["“Monge has put its effort over the years in achieving the highest possible flexibility and efficiency.â€\u009D", "“We … are already working to expand in the near future our export activities.â€\u009D"]

The year 2013 will be an eventful one for the Italian family-owned company Monge as the company celebrates the milestone of its 50th anniversary.

The celebration will be doubly significant: while celebrating the past, and the company's 1963 founding, Monge is also looking to the future, with a ribbon cutting for the opening of its new advanced dry food facility which, in the words of CEO Domenico Monge, "will put us well on the way to becoming a true one-stop shop for the consumer and enable us to produce wet and dry food for virtually every market segment on the same production site."

The initial core Â wet petfood business was actually established five decades ago by Domenico Monge's father and company founder Baldassarre Monge, stemming from the simple idea of mincing, packing, freezing and selling for pets the fresh byproducts coming from the family's own chicken farming and slaughterhouse activity. The 40 years following that choice have been dedicated to shaping and consolidating a market leadership in wet food production through continuous investments in innovation and process improvement, keen focus to building value all along the supply chain and introducing new concept products in the Italian market. One such product is Monge's unique oven-baked chunks, which are obtained through a hot air food technology and feature an "al

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