on March 7, 2013

FreeHand rescues dogs with food

This California-based and celebrity-backed petfood brand has a mission to help dogs in need with every product they make

["\"Our goal is to prove we can build a profitable and sustainable business that directly saves lives while investing our dollars into our communities.\"", "“The last decade has seen too many charitable organizations and individuals called out for not delivering on their promises.â€\u009D"]

FreeHand launched its superpremium dog food diets in June 2012. “[We] developed what we believe to be the best, complete, balanced, natural and holistic ingredient panel in the superpremium petfood category,” Tom Bagamane, co-founder and managing director of FreeHand, declares when asked about what sets his company apart from other brands. The three diets are corn, soy and wheat-free and are all made in the US from US sources with two protein exceptions (salmon is sourced from Norway, and lamb from New Zealand). “We are not about chasing trends," says Bagamane. "We are all about giving a dog the best of what he/she needs at every meal. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Another competitive advantage for FreeHand, according to Bagamane, is the company’s unique pound-for-pound donation model. “Since our June launch, FreeHand—through our resellers—has supplied more than 16,000 pounds, or 46,000 meals, to homeless dogs in our US market areas,” says Bagamane. rescueONE is FreeHand’s premium product that is donated exclusively (the product is not available for sale) to rescue organizations and municipal shelters through the company’s buy-one, give-one model.

“We want to be known as the company that busted the traditional business paradigm in the petfood industry. Our goal is to prove we can build a profitable and

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