On March 8, 2013

Update: Pet treat market round-up

From low-calorie cat treats to chia-fueled nutraceutical dog snacks, the pet treat market is full of unique ideas and passionate marketing

The pet treat market is often the place where bold marketing strategies, experimental blends of ingredients and clever packaging first meet the rest of the petfood and pet care sectors. Petfood lines, loyal customers and overnight success stories can also sprout up from this fertile ground, so it’s important to keep abreast of the most novel, on-trend treats being introduced to the marketplace.

Lincoln Bark recently released  their Treat Smart nutraceutical dog treats line available in Roasted Peanut and Chicken Liver flavors. The snacks are made with chia seeds which are loaded with protein, fiber, phytonutrients, all 9 amino acids and antioxidants, and contain more omega-3 than wild salmon, according to the company. Lincoln Bark also claims the nutraceutical-blended treats promote cardiovascular health, assist joint function and mobility, improve digestion and natural detoxification and support healthy weight loss.

Pup-O-Licious, a maker  of homemade dog treats, has released a new line of gluten- and wheat-free dog treats that dog owners can easily bake at home for their pets. Each package includes easy-to-follow instructions, treat mix, icing and a cookie cutter. Depending on the cookie-cutter used, dog owners can bake 25–30 dog treats or 35–40 dog treats. “Many dogs suffer from gluten and wheat allergies, and as such are unable to tolerate the treats sold in pet and grocery stores,” said Teresa Koch, Pup-O-Licious’ CFO. “But our new gluten- and wheat-free dog treats are the solution!”

Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition  makes natural pet treats that are free of…

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