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On March 12, 2013

International Canine Health Awards presented at Crufts dog show

Awards recognize contributions to the health of dogs plus understanding of human diseases

The International Canine Health Awards, European veterinary awards, were recently presented to three people during a ceremony at the 2013 Crufts dog show in Birmingham, UK.

The awards recognize and reward innovative researchers, veterinary scientists and students who are impacting the health and well-being of dogs, helping to transform the understanding of human diseases, too.

The winners, Dr. Elaine Ostrander, Dr. Gustavo Aguirre and student, Emily Milodowski, were nominated by their peers. They were awarded a combined £60,000 (US$89,344.39) for their work in dog health and developments in veterinary science, donated by Metro Bank founder and chairman and his wife, Vernon and Shirley Hill.

Dr. Elaine Ostrander was chosen as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, for her work contributing not only to developments in canine health, but also transforming the understanding of several human diseases. Her work has stretched over two decades, during which she has led advances in the understanding of mammalian genomics as well as the genetic basis of cancer susceptibility.

Dr. Gustavo Aguirre was awarded the International Prize in Canine Health for his work in the recognition and characterization of eye diseases in dogs, applying both clinical and genetic solutions. His work alongside Dr. Ostrander has allowed him to undertake groundbreaking research into canine eye diseases and to date has identified more than 14 different retinal disease genes that cause inherited blindness in more than 59 breeds of dogs.

Bristol University student Emily Milodowski won the Student Inspiration Award. She was chosen for her research on the prevalence and distribution of a bacteria called Campylobacter in the canine intestine, which again may eventually help human health. Her next research project will look into wound healing in dogs.

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