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On April 5, 2013

Companion animal session to be offered at Alltech Symposium

Experts will address pet nutrition, holistic pet movement, petfood trends and more

Members of the pet industry can gain practical knowledge from the companion animal session being offered at Glimpse2020, the 29th annual Alltech International Symposium, taking place in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, May 19-22.

The session features a lineup of presenters, including Debbie Phillips Donaldson, editor-in-chief of Petfood Industry, as well as veterinarians, corporate leaders and researchers representing companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Champion Petfoods and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.

Presentations will address topics including how to lower disease through nutrition, the role of DHA in the future of pet health, the holistic pet movement, building brands for the petfood industry, global trends for the future of petfood development and advancing pet health through nutrigenomics. Break-out session tracks will also offer attendees the chance to participate in focused discussions ranging from algae and agriculture’s carbon footprint to nutrition and marketing.

Registration for Alltech’s 29th Annual International Symposium is open now and available for an early discount price of US$599 until April 25 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Standard registration after April 25 will be $850.

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