Pet Food Packaging
on May 14, 2013

Packaging trends: An adaptable approach

Convenience remains king and petfood packaging that can adapt to consumers' lifestyles will keep them coming back

Convenience continues to be a driver behind consumer purchases. Pet parents want to feed their animal companions nutritious food at a high value and in an efficient, handy way. They want their pet’s food and treats fresh, fast, in single-serving sizes and easy to stow and go.

According to a March  2013 Pet Food Survey conducted by Chuck Latham Associates Inc., package size ranks high (#7) in what are the most important factors for consumers making food and treat purchases. Generations X, Y and Z see great value in products that save time and generally, make life easier—they are also a growing segment of consumers your pet packaging should be catering to. Taken together, the Gen Y and Gen X cohorts represent approximately 30 million pet owners as of 2011, or 5 million more than their Boomer elders, says Packaged Facts’ 2012 Pet Market Outlook .

In February 2013, Velcro Industries partnered with Holland-based Paragon Pet Products to integrate Press-Lok closure technology into its gluten-free, vegetable-based dog treats, Whimzees. The treats are packaged in pouches that can fit snugly or tightly on the shelf and offer long-lasting stability and freshness, according to the companies. The Press-Lok closure system is a proprietary hook-to-hook technology that is unique in the industry because it offers easy alignment that allows consumers to fasten without precise line-up, securing the package with little effort. This innovative packaging was introduced in April 2013 at many pet specialty retailers.

Sometimes the simplest solution ends up being the…

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