Pet Food Market Trends
on June 13, 2013

Filling empty petfood bowls with relief

Petfood manufacturers and retailers are partnering with and forming charitable networks to help pet owners after disasters

When disaster strikes, our family and friends are often what help us make it through the tough times. Most pet owners include their beloved dogs and cats in this important network of support, but what happens when they need help feeding, sheltering or simply keeping their pets when a catastrophe has left them without a roof over their heads? Recently, some petfood companies have been teaming up with charitable organizations or starting networks of their own to lend a helping paw to pet parents who find themselves in need.

In spring 2013, Hill’s Pet Nutrition announced that it established a Disaster Relief Network through the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love Program that would enable Hill’s to quickly deploy petfood resources in case of an emergency. The network consists of nearly 100 participating shelters across the country that Hill’s can work with to distribute emergency food supplies to pets who need it most. This US-wide system of shelters coordinates emergency petfood deliveries and is the first of its kind, claims the company. Hill’s is also helping educate pet owners on what they can do to keep their pets healthy and safe when disaster strikes.

Hill’s assisted shelters during Hurricanes Sandy, Isaac and Katrina; the Waldo Canyon wildfire near Colorado Springs, Colorado; the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri; and the tsunami in Japan. Hill's also joined forces with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation in 2010 to support more than 90 veterinary shelters and clinics along the Gulf coast struggling to respond to

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