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On July 2, 2013

Novus International releases 2012 sustainability report

Annual report applies Global Reporting Initiative Framework, details company's sustainability efforts

Stratum Nutrition's parent company, Novus International Inc., released its fifth annual sustainability report, providing detailed information and examples of how the company works to improve and advance its sustainability efforts.

The 2012 Novus Sustainability report applies The Global Reporting Initiative Framework at Application Level B. GRI is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization, which acts to increase the level of business transparency by promoting sustainability reporting among companies worldwide.

"We know that one company alone may not affect the large-scale change needed to secure our sustainable future; however we strive to set a standard for sustainability," said Thad Simons, president and CEO at Novus International. "By working together to advance shared objectives, we can succeed in making a better life for ourselves and for future generations. This report serves to reinforce the value we place on these partnerships."

"Stratum utilizes partnerships to empower product innovation both upstream and downstream," Jeremy Moore, president, Stratum Nutrition, said. "Upstream we work with our technology partners to further the science and commercialization of each specialty ingredient. Downstream we further the natural products industry by working with finished product partners who want innovative, scientifically supported and consumer-needed product solutions. Developing these partner relationships help our global nutrition industry grow sustainably."

The report is available in a digital edition, along with interactive videos and content on the company's website.

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