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On August 1, 2013

Entelos releases new commercial dog nutrition simulation model

Model provides platform for petfood manufacturers to predict nutritional effects of products

Entelos, a provider of physiological system modeling and services to consumer product companies, announced the availability of a new commercial quantitative physiological model, the Dog Nutrition PhysioLab. The new model will enable petfood manufacturers to predict the effects of different diets on dogs to replace expensive and lengthy animal testing.

"The petfood market is a US$59 billion industry that is extremely competitive and requires manufacturers to deliver better scientifically proven nutrition at lower costs," said Entelos president and CEO, Shawn O'Connor. "Our transformational simulation approach provides the foundation for petfood R&D groups to run quick and humane computer simulations for different diets on different dog types."

The Dog Nutrition PhysioLab is designed to simulate, examine and explore the effects of food intake within dog diets and corresponding body weight outcomes. The model provides a foundation to investigate effects of macronutrient intake relative to exercise, age and size, simulating carbohydrate, protein and triglyceride mass balance to determine total body mass and total fat. The model includes simulation and quantitative insights into the canine circulatory system, adipose tissue, liver, muscle and GI tract. Additionally, simulations take into consideration the hormonal control from hormones such as glucagon, insulin, epinephrine, adiponectin and other gastrointestinal hormones on weight loss and gain.

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