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Party Animal Pet Food is launching a new dog food line made with organic coconut oil.
On July 31, 2013

Party Animal Pet Food introduces grain-free coconut oil dog food

Organic petfood made with organic coconut oil will be available in six varieties in August

Party Animal Pet Food, a petfood company that produces all-natural, organic foods for dogs and cats, introduced Cocolicious at SuperZoo 2013. This new line of grain-free petfood is made with organic coconut oil along with organic and natural ingredient, available at retailers throughout the US starting in August 2013.

Coconut oil offers health benefits to animals such as assisting in maintaining a stronger immune system and helping to promote oral health, healthy skin and a shiny coat.

"Coconut oil has gained mainstream awareness for its health benefits in humans, and it's now time for animals to benefit from this amazing, nutritious ingredient," said Daryl Abrams, founder/CEO of Party Animal. "We are thrilled to be launching a petfood line with organic coconut oil for our furry friends to love as much as we do."

The Cocolicious line will initially launch with dog food products in six flavors: Organic Chicken & Beef, Organic Turkey & Chicken, Organic Beef & Turkey, Wild Caught Salmon & Pork, Tender Pork & Lamb, and Lamb & Wild Caught Salmon.

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