Pet Food Packaging
on August 12, 2013

Packaging update: The latest materials, machines and services for petfood

Does your petfood product stand out on the shelf? A new shape, better printing options and evolving technologies can all ensure that consumers will take notice.

Petfood and treat manufacturers want their packaging to reflect awareness for health, pet pampering and the environment, as well as a focus on consumer convenience, according to the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI). To remain competitive and grow market share, petfood manufacturers should be rethinking their package designs by focusing on package shape, closures and convenience features, says PMMI.

  • Shaped packaging is an effective tool to break the monotonous landscape of store shelves, but implementing it can pose some manufacturing challenges, including filling and labeling.
  • More manufacturers of petfood are considering closures like re-sealable zipper enclosures, tapes, drawstrings and Velcro to maintain product freshness for a longer period and prevent bacteria growth.
  • “Convenient” can often mean packaging with handles, rigid PET containers, cap closure modifications and dispensers incorporated into package design.

To find the best way to implement these or other trends, we’ve found machinery and services that can help your current petfood packaging appeal more to consumers while integrating your brand’s message of quality, convenience, safety and sustainability.

Crown Specialty Packaging  North America is helping brand owners enhance their presence in the wet petfood segment by creating visually appealing metal tins for premium lines. Often used as the primary packaging for wet petfood products for both cats and dogs, metal tins can be designed, printed and formed to serve a variety of functions, explains Crown. Techniques such as high-resolution printing can be used to create visual effects that capture the consumer’s attention, while the use of

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