on August 12, 2013

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods gets primal

Offering only 100% protein-based, Paleolithic diets and selling to the independent retail channel has this petfood company forging an exclusive path

In 2003, Will Post, a former US Marine, founded LIFE4K9 Pet Foods before selling it in 2010 to start Hound & Gatos Pet Foods. Today, Hound & Gatos ships petfood globally and claims to be the original Paleolithic petfood company. "Our society is ill and overweight. I believe we need to go back to our ancestral roots where we were created to eat meats, fruits and vegetables," says Post, founder and CEO. "Hollywood has really bragged about their Paleo diets so why not our pets - after all, they are family too!"

The premature passing of Post's beloved Great Dane due to "poor nutrition" is what originally set Post on the path to revolutionize the petfood industry 10 years ago and his current pets' allergies to corn, soy, wheat and rice keep him focused on the company's 100% meat-based diet approach. Post's mission is to feed pets quality ingredients, reverting back to what (the company claims) dogs and cats would eat in the wild, such as chicken, salmon, rabbit, lamb, venison, turkey, tripe, beef, trout and pork.

Hound & Gatos products  do not contain any plant protein, fillers or by-products such as rendered animal fats, corn, soy, wheat, sugar or artificial flavors or preservatives. "You have never seen a cat or dog grazing in wheat fields or digging up their dinner from the garden," Post points out. This diligence to a completely protein-based pet diet has gotten H&G approval for new labels that read: 100% Animal Protein, 0% Plant…

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