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on August 12, 2013

Palatability: The latest research, products and updates in the petfood industry

The last year has been full of new finds, new improvements and expansion for petfood’s palatability players.

Palatability is a major player in the petfood industry-if the product you're selling isn't appealing to pets, your customers will soon go elsewhere. Staying on top of the latest research and products, as well as expanding to fit the needs of the industry, are key to ensuring that pets, and their pet parents, are satisfied.

AFB International's research  in the last year has made significant strides in two areas: cat food preferences and the impact of a fixed diet on those preferences, and the company's expanded use of the electronic tongue.

AFB used their automated feeding setup and offered cats two diets, one of which they knew was going to be clearly preferred based on a previous two-day study, and began a longer-term study. "We offered the same diet for three-and-a-half months," says Jennifer Radosevich, vice president of R&D and regulatory affairs. "And we measured the food intake, the intake ratio of the feeding patterns and the body weight and the like. If you went across the three-and-a-half month period, the first choice and intake ratio did not change. It was 80% across the board-and that was really surprising to us, because, again, the perception is that cats are finicky, they want different things, and so we were really surprised to see that the preference for those particular diets did not change at all during that timeframe."

AFB has also expanded and refined the capacity of its electronic tongue. Recently, the company got new sensors to look…

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