Pet Food Ingredients
on September 11, 2013

Fiber in petfood: A healthy nutrition trend

As pet parents become more conscious of their furry family members’ health, the industry is stepping up to provide the right ingredients for success.

["Beet pulp, which is known for being a ‘super fiber’, is one of the most common fiber ingredients.", "As pet parents become more educated about obesity and colonic health, we will begin to see more fiber added to pet foods.", "One trend we’re seeing is an elevated interest in dried fruit/vegetable fiber."]

Research has long shown the positive effects of fiber in petfood. Dental disease in dogs, hairball symptoms in cats, obesity and diabetes in both-these and other negative health issues have been shown to be mitigated with diets that include fiber, and the petfood industry is more than happy to cater to the needs of those diets.

Companies in the industry  are staying on top of the latest trends to ensure pets get all the nutrition they need to be healthy and happy. "The most common types of fiber ingredients in petfood are those that have proven to be an effective source of fiber for pets, such as oat fiber, beet pulp, tomato pomace and fruit/vegetable fiber (apple, carrot, cranberry, pomegranate, etc.)," said Brian Immel, marketing specialist for LaBudde Group Inc.  "Beet pulp, which is known for being a 'super fiber', is one of the most common fiber ingredients and is also very cost effective for petfood manufacturers."

Whole foods are also finding a presence in many petfoods which are where an ingredient such as edible beans is attractive, according to Jolene Hoke, M.S., companion animal technical sales specialist for ADM Alliance Nutrition Inc. "They provide total dietary fiber…

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