Pet Food Additives / Supplements
on October 7, 2013

FDA offers guidance on food and color additives in petfoods

Document for food additives still in draft form, color additives guidance has been finalized

Apparently, the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making progress on its "to-do" list! In September, the agency published two guidance documents (one proposed, one final) regarding additives for use in animal feed, including petfood. The subject matter that is covered by these documents is not particularly new; however, the guidance they offer to the petfood industry is very helpful.

One means of obtaining  acceptance of a new petfood ingredient is through the submission of a Food Additive Petition (FAP) to FDA. This method has been available for a number of decades. As evidenced by the relatively few food additives that have been approved for use in animal feeds over the years, it is not an easy process. As a result, the preference of the industry has been to pursue a less burdensome, albeit informal, pathway to ingredient acceptance; i.e., an Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Feed Ingredient Definition.

However, because the continued legal status of the AAFCO definition process is tenuous, and the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Notification process (instituted for animal feeds in 2010) has proven to be more arduous than first presumed, the submission of FAPs may become the preferred route in the future.

Although FDA regulations do provide information as to the required content of a FAP [21 CFR 571.1], they can be a bit cryptic. The proposed guidance document goes far in explaining what the agency expects a properly constructed FAP to contain. Recommendations…

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