on October 10, 2013

Partnerships in the petfood industry

When pets become the natural next step in your company’s expansion, what do you need to ensure success?

Many businesses in the petfood industry today have their roots in other areas of expertise. But whether these companies began in livestock or human nutrition, whether their focus was commercial or industrial, they have one thing in common: petfood was a natural progression that came from realizing their knowledge had practical applications in the world of feeding pets.

Horn has been in  business for 52 years, and for this company, establishing itself in animal wellness was a process of realization. "We are a business model that started more on an industrial side," said Lisa Alley-Zarkades, vice president of Horn Animal Wellness. "Our model started out as a technical sales team selling innovation into industries. That expanded past industrial areas and went into more consumer-based areas. That's how we got into the nutraceutical market, we got into the food industry, we got into the personal care industry."

After that came FoodTech, Horn's ingredients division with an emphasis on health and wellness. After FoodTech was established, the realization came that a lot of ingredients could be beneficial to the pet industry, and three years ago Horn went on to create the animal wellness business unit as an extension of FoodTech.

Stratum Nutrition, a Novus International business, also evolved into the petfood industry. "The mainstay of Novus' business since the beginning was livestock nutrition," said Ingmar Middelbos, PhD, manager of specialty products and the pet market at Stratum. "Livestock nutrition and pet (and human) nutrition have a lot of overlap and the…

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