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On October 16, 2013

Greenies Brand partners to provide grants for dental care for service dogs

American Veterinary Dental College, Greenies' Oral Care for Service Dogs Program enable oral health procedures to be performed

Because dental health issues continue to be one of the leading health risks for pets, The Greenies Brand is partnering with the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) to provide grants that help fund the cost of vital dental care procedures for service dogs.

Through the Oral Care for Service Dogs program, board-certified veterinary dentists perform oral health procedures for registered service dogs that have displayed oral and dental diseases that can cause pain or discomfort, compromising the dogs' health and preventing them from performing their essential duties effectively.

"The Greenies Brand is proud to help provide dental care services for dogs that selflessly give so much for the individuals they serve," said Monica Glass, senior corporate affairs manager for The Nutro Company. "We hope the program will reinforce the importance of pet oral health to the entire pet community as we invite them to join the brand in its support."

The Greenies Brand has pledged a US$20,000 grant to support dental care for service dogs and will, through the remainder of October, encourage pet owners and bloggers online to spread news about pet oral health as a means to realize the full donation amount:

  • Each new like on The Greenies Brand's Facebook page will activate a US$1 donation to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
  • Each tweet that uses #greeniesgives on Twitter will activate a US$1 donation to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
  • For every blog post written about the importance of pet oral health and how Greenies dental chews and treats help to keep pets healthy and happy, The Greenies Brand will donate US$100 to the Oral Care for Service Dogs program
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