Pet Food Safety / Pet Food Regulations
on November 4, 2013

AAFCO Official Publication goes online

Web version provides a working alternative to print version of a vital resource

["I plan on buying the online OP for 2014, but am not ready to give up the print version just yet.", "I am unclear as to which version, online or print, will be deemed the “officialâ€\u009D version when there are discrepancies between the two."]

Any petfood manufacturer distributing product in the US needs to be familiar with the contents of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Official Publication (OP) to formulate and label products to be in compliance with the regulations of most states. As mentioned in my October Petfood Industry column, an online version of the OP is now available. This is great news after decades of urging for an alternative to the print version of this vital resource. 

I am still learning how to navigate the electronic OP effectively, and I am sure improvements in the website will be made over time. At this juncture, it appears that the electronic version will augment, but not wholly replace, my use of the print version.

A key benefit Â to the electronic OP is easy searchability. A resource book is only as good as its index, and frankly, the index in the printed OP has had its share of problems. For example, in the 2010 and earlier editions, "powdered cellulose" was listed in the index under "C," but "microcrystalline cellulose" was listed under "M." Also, for at least one year, "manganous oxide" was missing from the index altogether.   

While those errors have been rectified, still to this day…

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