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SPF-Diana and customers set the Guiness World Record for "the largest petfood package in the world."
On November 19, 2013

Guinness World Record for 'largest petfood package in the world' set by SPF-Diana

Bag of dog food donated to local shelter after symposium event in Brazil

At its recent IV Latin American Symposium event held in Águas de São Pedro, Brazil, SPF-Diana and its customers broke a record for "the largest petfood package in the world," certified by Guinness World Records.

The petfood package, at 3 meters (9.8 feet) high and 1.78 meters (5.8 feet) tall wide, was specifically created for the event with the support of ABINPET, the Brazilian Industry Association of Pet Products, and Incoplast, a Brazilian packaging company.

Attendees were able to put their dog kibbles inside the bag, helping to achieve a record 563.2-kilogram (1,240-pound) petfood bag. At the end of the symposium, the petfood collected in the bag was donated to the dog shelter of Descalvado/SP community, the city where the SPF-Diana Brazilian facility is located.

"Until now nobody was able to establish a record due to the difficulty of the challenge. SPF-Diana has shown great creativity and innovation…and relied on their clients, representatives of the petfood industry from across Latin America, to help them achieve this new goal...We, Guinness World Records, were delighted to see this level of participation from the members of the reunion," said Ralph Hannah, adjudications executive at Guinness World Records. "We also fully support, and encourage, SPF-Diana decision to donate the collected petfood…it will benefit hundreds of stray dogs in the area."

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